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the never-ending monday.

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 06/22/2009

As I’m typing this I’m sitting on the Disneyland Resorts Express Shuttle to Anaheim. We’re doing the rounds of the LAX arrival gates but everything is off to a smooth start.

The flight was pretty good, I didn’t sleep much, once I’m awake I’m awake until night time so hopefully I can stay awake now (its 7.30 am in Los Angeles) until tonight. That would mean that in 36 hours I’ve gotten about 2 hours sleep!! Oh well I can sleep when I’m dead! The food was really good and even though the seats don’t go down into completely horizontal beds it was almost just as good.

It’s bright and sunny here and it already feels like its over twenty degrees, – I’m going to have no trouble adjusting I could live in this weather all-year-round! The accents are awesome too, each time I hear someone speak I smile!

I didn’t have much trouble getting through immigration either; I was one of the first people off so I went straight to the front of the line although the immigration officer said I was meant to already have a job lined up but I just politely pointed out that the paperwork said that if I didn’t have a prearranged job I just had to show I had the funds to support myself until I found a job. I offered to show him my bank statements but it was all good. Maybe he saw my bloodshot eyes (from the flight of course!) and thought I’d be a prime candidate for cracking under pressure.

Anyways I’m going to sit back and enjoy the scenery, aka the freeways of Los Angeles, for the rest of the drive down to Anaheim.

hi, LA!


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