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Goodbye City of Angels, Hello Pacific Coast Highway.

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 07/04/2009

As I write this we are hurtling down the Pacific Coast Freeway in a Greyhound bus away from Los Angeles and headed for San Diego. We crossed the San Diego County line a few miles back.

The view is amazing, on one side of the road are the rolling hills and then to our other side is the sparkling Pacific Ocean. In between there is nothing but the open blue sky. It seems appropriate that the selection on my ipod is tuned to Blink 182.

Once we get to San Diego we’re staying at a beachside hostel in the suburb of Pacific Beach called the Banana Bungalow. It will be interesting because even though Jules and I have been travelling for over a week now this will be the first night we’ve stayed in a hostel and not someone’s house. While our experiences have been nothing short of amazing and everyone we have stayed with has been so open and hospitable, it will be nice to know we can go and do our own thing and come home to the room whenever we want. Plus I’m pretty sure the hostel offers free breakfast, and free food is always a bonus!

The better part of our day has been spent travelling or packing up our suitcases so we haven’t witnessed the full glory of the Fourth of July celebrations yet. From what people have told us everyone has barbeques at whoever has the nicest house and gets super drunk, or if no one they know has the perfect barbeque house then they go to a park and just get drunk there. Basically people get drunk, but because they’re not used to drinking all day most people go to sleep (or pass out) by late afternoon. Hopefully there are still some people left standing by the time we get to PB!!!!

i'm going to swim in the pacific ocean.


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