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four year strong

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 07/18/2009

Chicago. What can I say? I was in you for less than 24 hours but it was a memorable time. Apart from harboring Jules and I for the night you also hosted Billy Joel & Elton John in concert at Wrigley Field. And lets not forget about the Gig Life tour featuring Set Your Goals and Four Year Strong.

Four Year Strong, just rocking out.

Due to the aforementioned Billy Joel & Elton John tour and the mass traffic jams it caused surrounding Wrigley Field we missed all the opening acts of Gig Life and made it to the venue just as SYG took the stage. FYS and SYG are two of my favorite bands and to me the only way to describe their music is ‘happy music’, – it just makes me smile and want to sing along to every word. Other people throw around descriptions such as ‘popcore’, ‘dancecore’, – I don’t care if you call it ‘post-hardcore emo synthcore’, it’s just good music.

Both bands played diverse sets covering their different releases, SYG has just released ‘This Will Be the Death of Us‘ and FYS are days away from the release of their covers album ‘Explains It All‘.


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