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cold, colder, coldest.

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 12/04/2009

I arrived in Minneapolis and walked into a freezer.

Well, not really, but as our plane slowly pulled into the airport there was snow dancing on the wind going in all directions. Even though I’m not accustomed to snow, I could tell it was only a light storm but it still brought a smile to my lips. The sight of it and the apparent weightlessness it had against the wind was truly beautiful.

When I stepped out onto the air bridge though I was struck by a wall of freezing air. Even though the bridge was covered the cold still managed to seep in somewhere. For the minute that I was exposed to it, it really did remind me of being stuck in one of those huge walk-in freezers where grocery or liquor stores keep their stock.

The thermometer at the gate said it was 23F, translated to Celsius that’s a freezing -5 degrees. Pretty sure that apart from the day I spent snowboarding at Mt. Baker just outside of Seattle almost three years ago, that that is the coldest temperature I’ve ever experienced.

Luckily Minneapolis is only a transit stop for me. It seems like Minneapolis is a midway point for most of the people milling about the airport. I can’t really imagine living in a place like this, a place where (the lady next to me informed me) the snow starts in November and doesn’t let up until April. Here I was thinking I was deprieved of nice weather in New York because the temperature had been hovering in the early 50’s for the last few weeks. Next time I complain about the New York weather I’ll just remember the people that live in Minneapolis!

pretty pretty snow outside my airplane window.


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