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if blondes have more fun, where does that leave me?

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/28/2010

For the second time in a week I decided to do something drastic to my hair. I paid Duane Reade another visit and got some more dye to colour my hair. I was surprised at how much I like my new look, the results are below. I feel bad for every redhead joke I’ve made in the past now!

new hair and new dress that i scored at the salvation army for $7!


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its the end of an era, its a new beginning.

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/25/2010

Over the weekend I decided it was time to dye my hair. It wasn’t a decision I came to lightly, its one that I’d been thinking about for quite some time. I guess it shows how shallow I am to spend so much precious time and use of brain cells over such a simple thing as the colour of my hair but that was really part of the problem. I don’t think the colour of my hair should define me and after roughly 6 years of white-blond hair it really was time for a change.

Standing in the hair dye aisle at Duane Reade I contemplated becoming a red head for a few seconds and then thought maybe a dark brunette would be a good idea before I talked myself out of it and settled on a trusty ash blond colour. When my hair starts to grow out hopefully my natural colour and the dye will match almost perfectly (fingers crossed).

I was pretty apprehensive as I washed the dye out and towel-dried my hair but luckily the end result wasn’t tear-inducing. I debuted the new look to my friends later that night when we all met up to go out and I got approvals all round. Not as many weird old Mexican men on the street still whistle as I walk past but I’m pretty sure they’re not my target demographic anyway!

its just a webcam photo but you can get the idea. the closest i've been to natural in a LONG time.

PS. it’s been snowing here in New York for over 15 hours straight and it’s not meant to stop for another day and a bit. I heard someone on the radio refer to it as a ‘snow-a-cane’ this morning. The snow isn’t really sticking when it hits the ground though, instead it’s forming slushie puddles that make taking more than two steps outside both dangerous and extremely time-consuming. Plus all my shoes seems to have cracks in the soles which results in wet socks. Totally not impressed Mother Nature, can Spring please arrive soon??? It’s less than 20 days until I’m in Austin, TX for SXSW so at least I’m (99%) guaranteed good weather then.

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set your goals & motion city soundtrack at the fillmore NYC

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/23/2010

Motion City Soundtrack, Set Your Goals, This Providence & The Swellers 02/03/10

After the whole Jimmy Fallon debacle I did end up getting to see Motion City Soundtrack play the next night at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza, just a few blocks away from Union Square. I transferred my pent-up excitement from the night before and was extremely happy to know I was seeing two of my favourite bands that night.

The opening band was The Swellers from Michigan and because I thought that This Providence (a band I don’t really have any interest in) would be opening I missed half of The Swellers set before I realized my mistake. The couple of songs I did see were really impressive and the melodies, combined with the lead singer Nick Diener’s vocals reminded me of No Use For A Name. They definitely have that late 90s Fat Wreck sound. I felt guilty for missing most of their set so I hit up the merch table afterwards and bought their 2009 album Ups and Downsizing for only $10. Since my purchase, the cd has been on almost continual rotation on my stereo, – my favourite tracks so far are Fire Away, Sleeper and 2009.

As I mentioned before, I wasn’t very interested in watching This Providence but I decided to give them a go. Their flawlessly straightened bangs and tight pants were something that would have made me swoon a few years ago (but then again, back then wasn’t every band trying desperately to be the next Panic! at the Disco?) but hardly made an impression on me this time, apart from the fact it made me even more cynical toward their generic blend of pop/rock/indie/nothing special music. Apart from the singer of the band hailing from Australia, the most memorable thing I’ve heard about This Providence is the controversy surrounding one of their recent music videos.

If I was completely disinterested in This Providence, then I was completely, whole-heartedly passionate about the next band on the line-up. Bay Area hardcore kids Set Your Goals are a band I love and that I’ve written about on here before but this was the first time I’d seen them play in New York. I was also hoping that they might have Brooklyn band I Am the Avalanche vocalist Vinnie Caruana (another one of my music obsessions) make a guest appearance (he appears on the title track on their most recent album, This Will Be the Death of Us). From the second the band set foot on stage I was rapt and the smile never left my face. AND the third last song of the set was preceeded by the announcement they were going to have a little help from none other than Vinnie IATA! The show could have finished after SYG’s set and I would have gone home happy, that’s how much I love them.

SYG Setlist:
Gaia Bleeds
Goonies Never Say Die
Look Closer
The Fallen
Summer Jam
This Will Be the Death of Us (feat. Vinnie IATA)
To be Continued

Set Your Goals – Echoes

Set Your Goals – This Will Be the Death of Us feat. Vinnie Caruana IATA

After what seemed like an eternity between the sets, but in reality was less than twenty minutes, Motion City Soundtrack finally took to the stage and were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd. They straight away launched into Worker Bee, a song off the new album, My Dinosaur Life. Surprisingly, the second song of the set was the perennial favourite The Future Freaks Me Out. This song choice freaked me out a bit though since every time I’ve seen them in the past (and it’s been many many times) this song has always been close to the end or the encore song. I guess with the release of album #4 they want to mix things up a bit now. That being said, the most highly featured songs were from the last two albums, with just a smattering from I Am the Movie and Commit This to Memory. Even so, everyone in the crowd, myself included, lapped up everything MCS had to offer. I spent the entire set singing along, jumping up and down, and running up and down the different levels of the Filmore trying to get a better view before settling on a spot right in front of the soundbooth upstairs to enjoy the encore. As a special treat Justin Pierre brought out a Barbershop Dozen (not sure if this term technically exists but it was the same as a Barbershop Quartet except there were about 12 guys instead of 4) to perform an acapella version of Fell In Love Without You before the rest of the band came back out for the encore. They’ve sure come a long way since the first time I saw them when they supported MxPx at the UNSW Roundhouse back in 2005 and we shared gum and skittles together at the bar, but they’re still playing with the same enthusiasm and energy and that’s what I love about them.

Motion City Soundtrack Setlist:
Worker Bee
The Future Freaks Me Out
My Favorite Accident
Broken Heart
This is For Real
When You’re Around
Pulp Fiction
Last Night
A Life(less) Ordinary
Even If It Kills Me
Attractive Today
Perfect Teeth
Her Words Destroyed Me
Everything’s Alright

Motion City Soundtrack – A Life(less) Ordinary

Motion City Soundtrack – Everything’s Alright

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everybody’s working for the weekend.

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/23/2010

So another Monday has rolled around and that means that I’ve lived through another weekend. It wasn’t a complete weekend for me since I had to work on Saturday BUT it was a bit of a later start than most weekdays (10.30am) and an early finish (6.30pm) so I really can’t complain.

Friday night my plans of hanging out in Williamsburg changed at the last minute when some of the girls from work decided to go out for dinner/drinks at a local Dominican restaurant close to work on the Upper West Side. I’m definitely a fan of Dominican food now, – hello avocado and mango salad, and an even bigger fan of the $5 margaritas, – we had two each but when the bill came at the end of the night they only charged us for one each! Techically the $5 margaritas turned into $2.50 margaritas.

Saturday morning arrived and I managed to get up and get to work on time. The day went pretty fast, a few more crazy customers than usual, – one lady sat in the childrens section and read picture books aloud to herself while carrying on a two-sided conversation with her multiple personalities and a freaky old bald guy thought it would be a laugh to ask us to look up sex books and then tell us not to worry because he was “just f**king with us”. Luckily for him he left before I could get the security guard to escort him out of the store.

Saturday night was fun as usual, I met up with Nira and Noa at K&M and we celebrated Nira’s non-birthday (she didn’t want to be a year older) when the DJ rang in midnight with some Lady Gaga. Mayan met up with us as well and we headed up Bedford Ave to South-something St to Grasslands where there was a dance party. The music was fun, all totally 50s and 60s retro style but after an hour or two we got a bit bored and moved on to (gulp) Legion. This is the first time we’ve been at Legion for a few weeks, which compared to the way we used to always haunt it makes our absence feel like a lifetime. Even though I have sworn I’m bored of it and don’t want to keep going there, Saturday nights are always guaranteed to be a goodtime there. What other bar is going to play Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party in the USA’??? But now that I’ve had my Legion fix I don’t need to go back for at least another month!

I finally got to sleep in on Sunday, it’s pure bliss to not have to wake up an alarm, something that I really truly appreciate now on the rare occasion that I get to do it. Kristina and her friends Amy and Dominque were at Brooklyn Flea Market so I decided to take advantage of the sunny, semi-warm Sunday afternoon and walk the two-and-a-bit miles to downtown Brooklyn. The flea market was in this really amazing decorative old bank building and filled with lots of different stalls and vendors. I really need to go back there after I get paid again so I can actually shop instead of just browsing through all the knick-knacks and vintage clothing. One stall had piles and piles of random vintage photographs. It made me a bit sad because they were all family photos of different people and I just don’t understand how people could end up caring so little about their past that they get rid of their photos. Maybe I’m just a photo-nazi but I would never throw out my family/friends/holiday snaps.

After the markets I said bye to Kristina and co. and headed over to Target to spend some money on stuff I didn’t really need. Well, that’s a lie since I bought a hair-dryer and I did need that, – I’ve lived the last eight months without one but the cold weather has finally won and I don’t want anymore freshly-washed wet hair freezing the second I step outside. And for $12.99 I got a hot pink one so it’s definitely money well spent.

I mentioned before that the weather was relatively warm on Sunday, – it was mid-40’s (think 6 or 7C), perfect for more sight-seeing around Brooklyn. Carrying my Target shopping bag I found myself at the Manhattan Bridge and ended up walking across it as the sun set into Chinatown in Manhattan. That’s one more bridge crossed off my list of bridges to walk across in New York (yes, I like doing dorky tourist stuff like that!). Unfortunately my camera battery died when I was about a quarter of the way across the bridge so I didn’t really get many good photos of my mini-adventure.

From Chinatown I wandered into Soho and then navigated the subway back to Brooklyn and home. It was a busy weekend and hopefully this coming weekend arrives sooner rather than later!

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the internship, pt.II

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/22/2010

Ok, so last week I finished my internship; there were some ups and some downs, but all in all I had an amazing time, met some amazing people, and got to experience first-hand New York Fashion Week.

The following is what I wrote after one of the ‘downs’ of the week on the 12th February…

This past 24 hours have been some of the most stressful I’ve experienced. Yesterday was spent running from store to store picking up items for the show, – socks, leather shows that had to be dyed, picking up tights that had been left at the dyers. I was out doing these errands from 10am until 6:30pm.

Upon my return the designer freaked out because the tights they’d sent as a sample colour didn’t match the colour the dyers had used. Unfortunately for me, I was the one she decided had to take the brunt of her anger, even though I was only the one who had been sent to pick them up. I got sent back to the dyeing studio 40-something blocks uptown in the garment district and waited out the next hour or so there and at Starbucks crying intermittingly under the stress while the dyer did his best to match the colours. The whole problem was that under the professional lights in the dyeing studio the tights matched perfectly, under the normal lights in the loft the colours didn’t match.

When it happened I literally felt my stomach drop out of my body. It’s the weirdest, freakiest, scariest feeling I’ve experienced. It’s funny that this all happened because of some tights and now, because they didn’t drop-off the correct number of tights the first time around I’m back at the dyers agains waiting for one last pair to be done. I’m dreading going back with them to the loft in case they don’t match again.

Lucky for me, the tights I had to take to the dyers on Friday before the show matched when I got back to the loft. The rest of the day went really smoothly, I was sent on a last minute mission to find shoe horns just before the show started but no shoe stores or pharmacies within a 6 block radius of the show sold any. When did people stop needing shoe horns? In the end we didn’t need them so it wasn’t a huge stress-out.

The show was amazing, its crazy how so much hard work goes into the clothing and the logistics of it all and then it’s over within 3 minutes. I saw Mila Kunis in the front row of the show (think That 70’s Show & Family Guy) and afterwards backstage I think I saw Peaches Geldoff but I’m not sure. Because of the lighting most of my photos didn’t turn out but what looked good is below.

After this experience I feel like I can handle anything. Running around the city in a blizzard, keeping my head under pressure and making sure I didn’t cry until I was outside and in a cab/Starbucks – whatever happens I can do it!

If you want to see proper photographs and a review of the fashion show click here.

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Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/21/2010

NYC Blizzard February 10th 2010

Last weekend everyone was talking about how we were going to get a HUGE snowstorm on Friday/Saturday, everyone got freaked out and then it never arrived.

Until this morning.

Five days late and it finally showed up and hit the city with a vengence. I woke up this morning at 7:45am and the snow was already falling outside my window. Walking to my internship in Soho was slow-going because I was trying to avoid slipping over in the snow while also trying to avoid becoming a walking snowman.

After I arrived at the loft I had my ‘Devil Wears Prada’ moment of the week I think, – I was sent to run errands in the developing blizzard. Off to Kmart to get hangers and then on to Duane Read to get the photos of the models in the different looks developed. Let’s just say I discovered that snow is actually painful when it hits you straight in the eyes!

While I was running errands I called work a few times to see if they were still open and planning on staying open for at least some time in the afternoon so that it would be worth my while heading uptown for my shift. On the phone it sounded like we’d be open for a few hours longer and then shut so that everyone could get home in time before subway services were disrupted. Businesses were being advised to send their workers home and close for the day, on top of schools, libraries, the Central Park Zoo and courthouses all closed for the snow day.

When I got to work though I found out we were going to stay open for the entire day and shut at our normal time of 9:00pm. It seemed like half the staff had called out, and I wished that I had as well since all my friends had the day off. There were hardly any customers and between working I’d check the MTA site for updates, go upstairs to see the snow and try to navigate the street outside to get food.

Luckily for me my trains tonight were really that disrupted when I went home. It would have been nice to get home earlier, but at least it made me get to experience being outside for some of the day, – otherwise I may have chosen to stay in bed all day and watch the snow fall outside my window.

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i <3 squirrels

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/10/2010

So since I’ve been in America I’ve developed a love for the cute little furry squirrels that seem to be in every park and tree that I come across. Nevermind that many of them carry the rabies virus, they’re still cute!

Yesterday when I was eating lunch outside work I watched two squirrels fighting over a nut one of them had found. Below is the winner of the fight.

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the internship begins…

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/09/2010

So today I started my internship for New York Fashion Week at Willow. I headed on down to Soho for the early morning start and ended up in a bright and sunny loft on Broadway. There were two other girls there as interns, a girl from Melbourne here on the same programme as me and a girl who’d just recently moved to New York from Indianna.

As the designer and the stylist met the models and started dressing them, our task was to steam the clothes and make sure there was no trace of the wrinkles and creases gained as a result of the 18+ hour flight over from Australia. The models towered over us as they came in and out of the room in the different looks for the show, and my fellow interns and I commented on how we were all guaranteed to have complexes by the time the week was over. I’m definitely not a short person, but I felt like a five-foot midget after the first few hours!

By the time I had to leave to go to my regular job it was nice to go out in the real world and feel like I was on the tall and slim side again. My hands have a rash/burn from the steamer but a regular application of cocobutter does the trick perfectly and I guess the ‘no pain, no gain’ saying is true in this case.

I should be at the Take Action Tour afterparty at Angels & Kings right now, but instead I’m exhausted and lying in bed about to try and catch up on some much-needed sleep. I heard 7 hours sleep is totally the new 12 hours sleep; I wish! You know I’m tired when I turn down an invite to go out!!

I’m sure the rest of the week will be even more interesting than today so I’ll be sure to keep this updated. Also, my music blogs from the past week will be up soon as well.

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just say good-bye to the ground

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/06/2010

So it’s been a crazy hectic week, – the Jimmy Fallon debacle early on, then Motion City Soundtrack/Set Your Goals at the Filmore, Anti-Flag, Aiden & Cancer Bats at the Highline Ballroom, work, work, work, and now Scary Kids Scaring Kids on their farewell tour tonight.

I’m going to write about the shows from this week tonight and tomorrow, so hopefully by tomorrow night there will be some new blogs for everyone to read! Plus I’ve got lots of photos and some videos as well.

Today was busy as well, I decided to have a thrift store adventure, I ended up going to about 5 or 6 and walking over 50 blocks in downtown Manhattan in the below-freezing weather! It was completely worth it though, I scored a bag of new outfits from a Salvation army store for only $30 and a polaroid camera with film in it for $9! I’m super excited about my new camera, I’ve always wanted a polaroid, – I can remember being fascinated as a four or five year old watching the photo of me and a horse develop out of what appeared to me to be white cardboard. At last I own my own!

Anyway, I still have to get ready for the show tonight and the doors open in less than an hour. Hello lateness!

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early one morning….

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/03/2010

I was up early one morning last week and found myself around the East Side/Upper East Side of Manhattan up near the Queensborough Bridge. So far I’ve walked across the Williamsburg and the Brooklyn Bridge, I didn’t try the Queensborough Bridge this time because I didn’t have enough time before work BUT i did take some photos of my little journey. It was a really beautiful morning, it didn’t feel cold at all, – probably about 4 or 5C (trust me, that’s totally warm for New York this time of year!) when I was walking in the sun.

After walking along the river for awhile I came across the United Nations Building. Last time I was there was during the Summertime and for some reason they didn’t have all the flags hanging up outside then. Luckily this time, the flags were out and on display, proudly blowing in the wind.

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