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just say good-bye to the ground

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/06/2010

So it’s been a crazy hectic week, – the Jimmy Fallon debacle early on, then Motion City Soundtrack/Set Your Goals at the Filmore, Anti-Flag, Aiden & Cancer Bats at the Highline Ballroom, work, work, work, and now Scary Kids Scaring Kids on their farewell tour tonight.

I’m going to write about the shows from this week tonight and tomorrow, so hopefully by tomorrow night there will be some new blogs for everyone to read! Plus I’ve got lots of photos and some videos as well.

Today was busy as well, I decided to have a thrift store adventure, I ended up going to about 5 or 6 and walking over 50 blocks in downtown Manhattan in the below-freezing weather! It was completely worth it though, I scored a bag of new outfits from a Salvation army store for only $30 and a polaroid camera with film in it for $9! I’m super excited about my new camera, I’ve always wanted a polaroid, – I can remember being fascinated as a four or five year old watching the photo of me and a horse develop out of what appeared to me to be white cardboard. At last I own my own!

Anyway, I still have to get ready for the show tonight and the doors open in less than an hour. Hello lateness!


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