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the internship begins…

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/09/2010

So today I started my internship for New York Fashion Week at Willow. I headed on down to Soho for the early morning start and ended up in a bright and sunny loft on Broadway. There were two other girls there as interns, a girl from Melbourne here on the same programme as me and a girl who’d just recently moved to New York from Indianna.

As the designer and the stylist met the models and started dressing them, our task was to steam the clothes and make sure there was no trace of the wrinkles and creases gained as a result of the 18+ hour flight over from Australia. The models towered over us as they came in and out of the room in the different looks for the show, and my fellow interns and I commented on how we were all guaranteed to have complexes by the time the week was over. I’m definitely not a short person, but I felt like a five-foot midget after the first few hours!

By the time I had to leave to go to my regular job it was nice to go out in the real world and feel like I was on the tall and slim side again. My hands have a rash/burn from the steamer but a regular application of cocobutter does the trick perfectly and I guess the ‘no pain, no gain’ saying is true in this case.

I should be at the Take Action Tour afterparty at Angels & Kings right now, but instead I’m exhausted and lying in bed about to try and catch up on some much-needed sleep. I heard 7 hours sleep is totally the new 12 hours sleep; I wish! You know I’m tired when I turn down an invite to go out!!

I’m sure the rest of the week will be even more interesting than today so I’ll be sure to keep this updated. Also, my music blogs from the past week will be up soon as well.


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