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BAMBOOZLED!!!! day one

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 05/12/2010

Bamboozle 2010 hit Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey the first weekend of May. The two day festival had an amazing line-up, – Angels & Airwaves, Weezer, Paramore, Girl Talk, MGMT, – and those were just the headliners!

Saturday morning dawned and all my prayers were answered – sunshine, clear skies and perfect 80F weather. You really couldn’t ask for a better day to start the festivities. Jules and I left early to meet up with other people and made our way over to Jersey courtsey of a Jersey Transit bus. For some reason the bus we took didn’t drop us right at the stadium, but down the highway a bit so we got stop at Mr. Hamburger for drinks and then trek over the highway to where the music awaited!

This is what we look like in New Jersey

We got a bit carried away with photos with Bamboozle signs

The line to get into Bamboozle was kinda crazy and it stressed me out a little since Title Fight were one of the first bands on and I really wanted to be able to see them again, since it would mean I’d seen them in 3 different states in just over a month. We ran as fast as we could across the asphalt and got to the Zumiez Stage just as Title Fight started. Despite their early spot, it was rad to see so many people out to support Title Fight. Maybe it was the midday sun, maybe just the excitement of seeing Title Fight AGAIN, but I’m pretty sure I did my fair share of shouting out and singing along a bit too loudly.

Title Fight ARE STARTING!!!!

Title Fight are rad, you should listen to them

He's in mid-air!!!

He's kinda a babe

After Title Fight, we walked around to the main stages just in time to catch a few songs from the band Versaemerge. They sounded like a bad rip-off of headliners Paramore, which isn’t saying a lot really. Bamboozle got a dose of Gossip Girl next up though when Taylor Momsen (Little J guys!!) took the stage with her band, The Pretty Reckless. I’d heard they’re not that good so I was pleasantly surprised when Momsen actually managed to carry a tune (she really does have a good voice). She had on aviators and when she took them off her eye make-up was so thick around her eyes that it looked like she still had her glasses on. Nice to see some things crossover well from TV to real life.


The Pretty Reckless

Taylor Momsen and her heinous looking band of old men

Four Year Strong played straight after Taylor & co, and ripped up the stage. Not only did they play my favorite song, Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die, but also songs from their new album Enemy of the World. A definite highlight was their new song Wasting Time (Eternal Summer).

Four Year Strong

More Four Year Strong

One of the bands on the line-up that I wanted to see was Relient K. When I was a teenager I really liked them and even went so far as to enter (and win) a contest to win one of their CD’s back in the day. I was disappointed though because they only seemed to play new songs because I didn’t recognise any of them. Kinda boring really. How could they not play ‘Sadie Hawkins Dance’?!

Relient K being boring and not playing songs I wanted to hear

Random cute dude with huge plugs

The Aquabats in their matching costumes, no wonder Travis Barker left..

So the next band we spent our time watching was (long ago) teen heart throbs Hanson. They’re all grown up now, Taylor doesn’t look like a girl anymore and apparently they don’t play ‘Mmmmmbop’ or ‘Where is the Love’ anymore either. Again, I was disappointed due to lack of songs I loved but it was still pretty cool to see a band I really liked when I was 13, all the way back in the 1990s!!!

Yes, that's Taylor Hanson

All of Hanson, in all their glory

So to get over the disappoint I felt in Hanson, we went back over to the Zumiez Stages to watch the surprise guests of the day Against Me! I’d never seen them before so it was totally awesome to be able to finally see them live. Pretty sure I’ve danced/sang along to their songs SOOOO many times at Hot Damn.

Secret/surprise guests Against Me!

More amazingness

While Against Me! were on I had to sit down in the shade near the stage, I could still hear/see them playing so I wasn’t missing out on anything, my feet just really needed some rest! Saves The Day were playing the Main Stage so we caught them as well, finally getting to hear the song ‘At Your Funeral’ was a memorable experience to say the least.

Saves the Day takes me to my happy place

Check out the mega babe with the fake moustache and the umbrella hat. HAH

To fill in the last hour before I got to see Tom Delonge again (hello Angels & Airwaves) we stopped over at one of the small stages to watch screamo duo I Set My Friends on Fire. I saw them at Warped Tour this past summer and the kids still love them!

I Set My Friends on Fire

6:40pm and it was finally ANGELS & AIRWAVES time!!! It may not be Blink 182, but it’s still Tom Delonge!!! He looks older now and seems to be sporting a bit of a beer belly, definitely still a cutie though. And you got to love his crazy dance moves. They only had 35 minutes to play, and because most of their songs are 4-5 minutes they only got to play 5 or 6 songs. Tom seemed to love extending ‘The War’ to make his introductions to the crowd, and despite it cutting into their other song times, it let a bit of Blink 182-Tom shine through.

Oh hai, Tom!! So nice to see you again!

Show us your moves Tom!

Tom, getting a bit serious

The sun came out from behind the clouds while AVA were playing and it looked really dramatic, like even the Gods loved them

The last time I saw Something Corporate was when I was 19 and one of the girls I went with to see them is now married with a baby. Times change but good music doesn’t. Sooooo cliched, but in the case of Something Corporate, so true. They played ALL their old hits, and even rocked out Konstantine, a song they hardly ever play live. It felt so fun to sing along to Punk Rock Princess, I Woke Up in a Car, Hurricane and If U C Jordan. Singer Andrew McMahon even got up onto his piano at one point and played with his feet!

Something Corporate!! Together!! Again!

More Something Corporate

Pop sensation Ke$ha was the only act to get to play both days of the festival and probably the cheesiest but funnest of the bunch! As soon as she started it was obvious she was singing along to a backing track but it was still a fun set. She was even dressed in an Indian headress and covered in glitter (of course!). I think Ke$ha is one of my dirty little secrets now, you have to give props to someone that sings a song with the lyrics ‘Don’t be a little bitch with your chit chat/Just show me where your dicks at!’.

Drake was up after Ke$ha but a friend of Jules and I got us backstage passes to the VIP Redbull Artists Lounge so after a song or two of his we hit up the lounge instead. Air con, free redbull, free vodka, comfy couches and a chill DJ. What more can you ask for when you need a break at a festival?

This is what we look like after a long day in the sun listening to amazing music

I’ve seen Paramore once before, when they played at the UNSW Roundhouse back in October 2007 and pretty sure I spent most of the show upstairs drinking with the support bands. This time around wasn’t much different, Jules and I watched a few songs, but as soon as Hayley Williams introduced the slow song ‘The Only Exception’ were bailed and headed back to the Redbull Lounge. I don’t know why or how but we arrived at the conclusion we both didn’t like her very much…

The first day of the party was over *sadface*

We got lost on the way to finding our bus back to NYC and ended up walking two miles along highways in New Jersey at midnight before we found a bus. This could only happen to us...


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i buckled over on the cold brooklyn street..

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 05/12/2010

Saturday April 17th was a date I’d been looking forward to for quite awhile. I Am the Avalanche were headlining a soldout show at Webster Hall that night and they just happen to be one of my favorite bands. Like any band I’m excited to see, I’d been listening to them almost constantly for the previous week when I had the chance.

the excitement & anticipation was building...

The day dragged on but 8pm finally rolled around and it was time for me to meet Jules in Williamsburg to pick up some drinks at Turkeys Nest before a short trip on the L train over to Union Square. By the time we made it past the 80s disco upstairs and downstairs into the concert venue there was just enough time to stake out the perfect spot near the stage before IATA took the stage. I have to admit, I was pretty excited and I’m pretty sure I sang the words to every song, bar the new ones they played.

Despite not playing very frequently as a full band, and not having released a full length album since 2005, the fans went crazy. Most of the show the crowd were singing over the top of the band and the crowd surfers didn’t stop the entire set. IATA’s set drew heavily from their self-titled album, including ‘I Took a Beating’, ‘This is Dungeon Music’ and ‘My Second Restraining Order’, as well as three songs that will be on their new album, hopefully coming out sometime this summer.

Check out the video below of ‘Green Eyes’ and the photos from the show below.

They finally took the stage!

Oh hai there I Am the Avalanche

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one night we took a trip to astoria & san dimas…

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 03/12/2010

Our night began at Bennys Burritos in the West Village catching up over Mexican food and $3 margaritas. With one last margarita in hand, we made our way over to Webster Hall worried that we would miss the one band that brought us all together that night. We caught the tail end of the third-to-last band and impatiently waited through the next band as well.

This is what we came for

The merch desk was hidden in the back corner of the room and apparently The Ataris had already sold-out of their merch this tour so there was no temptation to spend money. I’m not sure if having their merch sell-out so quick into the tour (there are still 30+ dates left on the tour) is a good sign – either they’re still really popular or they didn’t bring enough merch with them. Anyway, lack of merch aside, the second last band finally finished and the band began setting up.

This is Kris Roe, being a skilled multi-tasker. He sets up AND he sings!

Getting excited at the prospect of seeing Kris Roe & co. PLAY!!!

They had no roadies (they cost money yo!) so they did it all themselves and started playing pretty soon afterwards. They opened with the title track off the 2003 album ‘So Long Astoria’ and my worry that Roe and co. would play a stack of songs from the two most recent albums (both of which I don’t have) were unfounded as they got deeper and deeper into the set. Of the dozen or so songs they played I only didn’t recognize three, one which was a cover.

Just play a song already

The Ataris Setlist:
So Long Astoria
Unopened Letter to the World
Summer Wind Was Always Our Song
The Hero Dies in This One
In This Diary
New Song
Take-offs & Landings
Eight of Nine
Your Boyfriend Sucks
New Song
Broken Promise Ring
Cover Song
San Dimas High School Football Rules

So emo with their flannels

The cute drummer

All in all, it was an awesome night, the only disappointment was when the crowd shouted for ‘Teenage Riot’ and was met with the reply “You’ll have to come to Jersey tomorrow night to hear that one” from Kris Roe.

Mareesha wants to marry Kris

This one was for me

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set your goals & motion city soundtrack at the fillmore NYC

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/23/2010

Motion City Soundtrack, Set Your Goals, This Providence & The Swellers 02/03/10

After the whole Jimmy Fallon debacle I did end up getting to see Motion City Soundtrack play the next night at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza, just a few blocks away from Union Square. I transferred my pent-up excitement from the night before and was extremely happy to know I was seeing two of my favourite bands that night.

The opening band was The Swellers from Michigan and because I thought that This Providence (a band I don’t really have any interest in) would be opening I missed half of The Swellers set before I realized my mistake. The couple of songs I did see were really impressive and the melodies, combined with the lead singer Nick Diener’s vocals reminded me of No Use For A Name. They definitely have that late 90s Fat Wreck sound. I felt guilty for missing most of their set so I hit up the merch table afterwards and bought their 2009 album Ups and Downsizing for only $10. Since my purchase, the cd has been on almost continual rotation on my stereo, – my favourite tracks so far are Fire Away, Sleeper and 2009.

As I mentioned before, I wasn’t very interested in watching This Providence but I decided to give them a go. Their flawlessly straightened bangs and tight pants were something that would have made me swoon a few years ago (but then again, back then wasn’t every band trying desperately to be the next Panic! at the Disco?) but hardly made an impression on me this time, apart from the fact it made me even more cynical toward their generic blend of pop/rock/indie/nothing special music. Apart from the singer of the band hailing from Australia, the most memorable thing I’ve heard about This Providence is the controversy surrounding one of their recent music videos.

If I was completely disinterested in This Providence, then I was completely, whole-heartedly passionate about the next band on the line-up. Bay Area hardcore kids Set Your Goals are a band I love and that I’ve written about on here before but this was the first time I’d seen them play in New York. I was also hoping that they might have Brooklyn band I Am the Avalanche vocalist Vinnie Caruana (another one of my music obsessions) make a guest appearance (he appears on the title track on their most recent album, This Will Be the Death of Us). From the second the band set foot on stage I was rapt and the smile never left my face. AND the third last song of the set was preceeded by the announcement they were going to have a little help from none other than Vinnie IATA! The show could have finished after SYG’s set and I would have gone home happy, that’s how much I love them.

SYG Setlist:
Gaia Bleeds
Goonies Never Say Die
Look Closer
The Fallen
Summer Jam
This Will Be the Death of Us (feat. Vinnie IATA)
To be Continued

Set Your Goals – Echoes

Set Your Goals – This Will Be the Death of Us feat. Vinnie Caruana IATA

After what seemed like an eternity between the sets, but in reality was less than twenty minutes, Motion City Soundtrack finally took to the stage and were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd. They straight away launched into Worker Bee, a song off the new album, My Dinosaur Life. Surprisingly, the second song of the set was the perennial favourite The Future Freaks Me Out. This song choice freaked me out a bit though since every time I’ve seen them in the past (and it’s been many many times) this song has always been close to the end or the encore song. I guess with the release of album #4 they want to mix things up a bit now. That being said, the most highly featured songs were from the last two albums, with just a smattering from I Am the Movie and Commit This to Memory. Even so, everyone in the crowd, myself included, lapped up everything MCS had to offer. I spent the entire set singing along, jumping up and down, and running up and down the different levels of the Filmore trying to get a better view before settling on a spot right in front of the soundbooth upstairs to enjoy the encore. As a special treat Justin Pierre brought out a Barbershop Dozen (not sure if this term technically exists but it was the same as a Barbershop Quartet except there were about 12 guys instead of 4) to perform an acapella version of Fell In Love Without You before the rest of the band came back out for the encore. They’ve sure come a long way since the first time I saw them when they supported MxPx at the UNSW Roundhouse back in 2005 and we shared gum and skittles together at the bar, but they’re still playing with the same enthusiasm and energy and that’s what I love about them.

Motion City Soundtrack Setlist:
Worker Bee
The Future Freaks Me Out
My Favorite Accident
Broken Heart
This is For Real
When You’re Around
Pulp Fiction
Last Night
A Life(less) Ordinary
Even If It Kills Me
Attractive Today
Perfect Teeth
Her Words Destroyed Me
Everything’s Alright

Motion City Soundtrack – A Life(less) Ordinary

Motion City Soundtrack – Everything’s Alright

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another night at webster hall

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 01/21/2010

The Revolutions & Resolutions Tour with The Audition/The Dangerous Summer/The Right Coast

01/20/10 Webster Hall NYC

The only band that I had heard of on this line-up was The Audition, but it was a Wednesday night and I was cashed up with Christmas money and the show was only $12 so I really couldn’t say no. There were some local bands on the line-up opening the show but because I had to come from work uptown I missed them and got there just in time to catch the band The Right Coast start playing.

My first thought upon entering the Studio at Webster Hall was one of surprise and along the lines of “Wow, I didn’t realize The Audition were so popular”. The room was almost completely packed, – very different from the last time I was here to see the tour. The crowd was a mix of high school kids (as well as a few parental chaperones!) and young adults. It was a bit disconcerting to witness a stronger crowd singalong to Ke$ha’s song ‘Tik Tok’ than Jimmy Eat World’s ‘Sweetness’ when they played back to back on the PA system in-between bands.

When fellow Pennsylvanian band The Starting Line announced their indefinite hiatus/break-up early in 2008, my heart broke just a bit. After watching The Right Coast I realized I’d found a band to help mend that broken heart TSL left me with. Their songs are catchy and their all-round obvious enthusiasm towards the crowd, each other and their music is something a lot of bands have forgotten about in their pursuit of fame and fortune. The song ‘Madeline’ was one that particularly stuck in my head.

Next up were the band The Dangerous Summer. They weren’t as poppy as TRC but I still really enjoyed their music. It was genuine and heartfelt and they had the crowd singing along in no time. Sticking to TSL theme for the night, if TRC reminded me of early TSL material, then TDS could be compared to a cross between later TSL material (think the album Direction) and Jimmy Eat World.

By the time The Audition took the stage I was tired and contemplating leaving early because I’d already seen them play on quite a few occasions previously. A few songs into their set and I couldn’t leave; even though most of the songs I knew weren’t played until the tail-end of the set the music won me over. The band are about to release a new album in March so they played a few new songs but kept it balanced with old ones. Some memorable songs of the night include: My Temperature’s Rising, Los Angeles, Baby You Ruined This, It’s Gonna Be Hard (When I’m Gone), Approach the Bench and Don’t Be So Hard.

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the acacia strain

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 01/21/2010

The Acacia Strain played at Santos Party House on Saturday night, here’s the one photo that’s semi-viewable that I was able to take. I didn’t venture any closer to the stage n fear of getting my face moshed on beyond recognition.

The Acacia Strain at Santos Party House

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a late night at 538 johnson street

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 01/18/2010

The presale tickets for the Hope Conspiracy, Blacklisted and United Nations show at the Cakeshop in the Lower East Side on Friday night sold-out long before the show, and due to the small capacity of the venue, only a lucky few got to purchase tickets on the night. Unfortunately our little group of three were not among those lucky few; luckily though, Blacklisted and opening act Mother of Mercy decided to play a late night show at a loft in Brooklyn.

We ventured out to the Jefferson stop on the L train and after a few wrong turns we made it to the show. I’m not sure what the deal with 538 Johnson Street Ave is, it looks like people live there and also some of the apartments might be studio spaces but the loft that had the show was someone’s actual home. It was a pretty awesome space, two levels, with the entire middle section of the floor on the second level cut away so you can see everything that was going on downstairs.

The band set up so that the pit was directly below the hole in the upper floor, everyone present on the second floor had a perfect birds-eye view of what was going on downstairs without having to worry about getting hit in the face by flailing arms and legs. The hole in the floor also allowed the more brave souls in the crowd to perform a psychotic stage dive from the second floor down into the pit below.

It was a crazy night and full of adventures, some of which I have photographic evidence of below.

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Soldout at the Gramercy Theatre.

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 10/19/2009

August Burns Red/The Acacia Strain/Impending Doom

10/18/09 Gramercy Theatre NYC

The line that greeted me when I arrived at the Gramercy Theatre on Sunday night for the last stop of the August Burns Red/The Acacia Strain tour stretched down the block and around the corner. Despite the almost freezing weather conditions that New York was experiencing, the line moved fairly quickly without too many complaints from everyone waiting.

The length of the line meant that once inside I only caught the closing bars of opening act My Children, My Bride but from the little that I heard, I liked them.

California-based Impending Doom were up next. Before the show I’d never heard of them  but after watching them kill their short 25 minute set, I have to admit that I’m now a fan. Maybe I’m just a sucker for metal bands with hair long enough to put most girls’ to shame, or maybe I just love the raw energetic music that I heard; either way, the crowd seemed to love them and the pit took up more than half of the dance floor throughout the set.

After a short break between the bands the lights went down, the crowd roared and in turn greeted were by the now infamous Kayne West sound-bite “Taylor, Imma let you finish but….” before the lights came up and The Acacia Strain blasted into ‘See You Next Tuesday’. Their set was intense and the crowd loved every bit of it. Frontman Vincent seemed to love antagonizing the crowd with his banter, – I’ve never seen so many kids get punched in the pit before (at least three got knocked out) but maybe it was just my birds-eye view up high in the seats that allowed me to witness it all. The stage decorations were also something to be noted, – 8 foot tall banners of a bloody polar bear and a scary looking snowman. The band ripped through a ton of songs, including ‘If I Ruled the World’ and ‘I am the End of the World’.

The Acacia Strain and their backdrops

Although the previous bands all proved their worth, before August Burns Red even took to the stage it was obvious who the majority of the crowd were here to see. As the roadies hoisted the ABR banner above the stage people cheered and the already-packed dance-floor filled with even more people until they spilled onto the stairs and seats behind it. I’m more of a fan of The Acacia Strain but ABR still held my attention for their entire set.

When the only downside of the entire night is that most of the bands only had sizes L or XL left of their merch you know it’s been a good night. Also, props to ABR for playing their set in thongs (whoops, I mean flip-flops!).

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i can’t see the forest for all the trees.

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 09/10/2009 Tour 09 starring Between the Trees, Farewell, Punchline, Action Item & 5 Cases of a Tragedy

09/08/09 Webster Hall NYC

This show was pop-punk heaven. Five bands for only $12; that works out to be only $2.50 a band or something extremely ridiculous like that. Held in ‘The Studio’ at Webster Hall, (a smaller venue underneath the main theatre) in the East Village in New York City, it’s a picturesque venue with an intimate atmosphere but still large enough not to feel claustrophobic when there’s a crowd. The tables surrounding the dance-floor had lit votive candles strewn across them, adding further to the cozy atmosphere.

First up were New York locals 5 Cases of a Tragedy. While obviously a very young band, both in age and experience, it didn’t stop them from being enthusiastic. When they introduced one of their songs as “an older one”, the difference between their older and newer material became clear and showed exactly how far their sound has progressed, even if it has been over a period of months, not years. While the old material is straight-up three chord pop punk circa the late 90’s, early 00’s, the newer material has some screams, some breakdowns and time signature changes all thrown in for good measure. They band looks young enough to still be in high school but there is definitely some potential.

Action Item took the stage next and showcased guitar/piano driven melodies that were reminiscent of the more upbeat Something Corporate songs. Their set contained super catchy songs that the ever increasing crowd seemed to respond well to. The final song ‘The Boy with the Microphone’ is the kind of song that gets stuck in your head for hours, but in a good way.

Unfortunately, Punchline were the biggest disappointment of the evening. As the middle band on the bill I had high expectations of them but ultimately they failed to deliver. They opened with an instrumental version of a Michael Jackson song, and while I tried not to hold that against them, it was all mediocre from there. This is not to say that they don’t play well, – almost the opposite, – they put on a tight show but nothing to really distinguish them from the hundreds, even thousands of other bands within their genre. The set also included too much (unfunny) banter with the crowd, as well as failed attemepts to get the crowd to clap and wave along to various songs. The second guitarist prolonged their last song by covering the chorus of the Bee Gee’s ‘Night Fever’. Since 95% of this crowd looked to be in their late teens/early twenties, it’s safe to say that they were at least a decade too young to have even been alive when the Gibb brothers were producing their hits, let alone know all the words. Maybe they hoped the crowd had a penchant for listening to their parents records from the disco era.

Farewell were up next and definitely the highlight of the show. They’re a 6 piece band, and managed to fill the stage not only in a physical sense but also exuded a real stage presence that the other bands on the line-up lacked. From the outset, you get the feeling this will be one of the last tours they play in such a small venue. Bands like All Time Low and New Found Glory have carved a niche in the pop punk genre and just like their predecessors Farewell have created songs that are pop punk anthems, – the crowd needed no coaxing to sing, clap and dance along to everything they played. Their newest release had been out for less than a week before this stop in New York but that didn’t stop many people in the audience  from already knowing the words to the new songs. The Greensboro, North Carolina natives reproduced the professional and tight sound of their recordings almost perfectly in their live performance.


Headlining band Between the Trees took to the stage in front of a crowded room and put on a great show. They were probably the most out of place band on the line-up as they lean more towards the indie/emo rock sound than the pop punk of the other bands. The first half of the set saw the four-piece perform with two guitars, bass and drums; the second half of the set the singer threw in his guitar for a seat behind the keyboard. The swap meant the later part of the set was a bit mellower; the songs with the keys present were really beautiful and the singer’s powerful voice carried the strong melodies perfectly. The crowd really seemed to appreciate and enjoy them, and Between the Trees proved why they deserved to be a headliner on this tour.

Between the Trees

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will you remember this night, twenty years now lost?

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 08/11/2009

So Sunday 9th August marked a day that I always thought had a possibility of happening but it was more of a my-heart-wants-it-to-happen-but-my-head-knows-it-probably-never-will occurrence. It could happen, but the question was more if it would happen. What was so special about that Sunday in the middle of a New York summer?

It was the day that the Blink 182 Summer 09 reunion tour rolled into town. And when I say town, I mean town, since the concert was head out in Wantagh on Long Island, not in New York City itself. It really didn’t matter to me though, an hour plus train ride on the LIRR was nothing compared to the years I’d spent waiting for this day. Really, when it comes down to the cold hard facts, I’d been waiting since their ‘indefinite hiatus’ was announced at the beginning of 2005.

The line-up for the show was a pop-punk enthusiast’s dream come true, – Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy and Blink 182. Both the earlier acts could most certainly play to sell-out crowds without the help of Mark, Tom & Travis, but their addition to the bill made me smile involuntarily at the mere thought of seeing all three play the same stage within the span of a few hours. If this line-up had been announced in 2006 or 2007 I probably would have died on the spot. Luckily for me, I’d dropped Panic at the Disco from my ipod playlist just as easily as they dropped two of their founding members from the band just a few days before they played this show.

To say I was happy when Blink 182 took the stage that night would be an understatement. The fact that my memory of the night is one big hazy blissful blur of music shows exactly what kind of state I was in. It was a musical high, pure and simple. Seeing your favorite band play for almost two hours straight is great, but seeing your favorite band back together after they broke up and publicly feuded in the press is even better. It’s one of those moments that you remember for the rest of your life.

To make sure I kept track of the night I wrote down the setlist as they played each song (yes, I know that it’s a bit OCD but how else could I remember?):

  1. Dumpweed
  2. Feeling This
  3. Rock Show
  4. What’s My Age Again?
  5. Go
  6. Travis drum solo
  7. Violence
  8. Miss You (extended version)
  9. Stay Together for the Kids
  10. Down
  11. Always
  12. Stockholm Syndrome
  13. First Date
  14. Man Overboard
  15. Don’t Leave Me
  16. Not Now
  17. Adam’s Song
  18. All the Small Things
  19. Reckless Abandon
  20. Josie
  21. Anthem Pt.II


  1. Travis drum solo (the flying drum kit)
  2. Carousel
  3. Dammit

A few songs into the set Tom Delonge simply stated “Hi, we’re Blink 182, and we’re back”. Oh yes they are. Yes indeed.

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