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the things i remember, are they worth writing down?

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/03/2010

As I write this I’m missing Motion City Soundtrack perform on Jimmy Fallon. And I don’t just mean that I’m missing it on television, – I had tickets to the taping (I won them yesterday), and now I’m not there.

Stupid, stupid, stupid work! I tried my best, I came into work early so I could leave early, but because the taping time was different to what the NBC people told me over the phone yesterday, when Napua and I got there I realized I basically would have to just leave. Mega sadface. Plus, there were total babes there as well. Instead of being within feet of Justin Pierre (I won special ‘band bench’ tickets which meant that we would be as close to the band as any of the audience), surrounded by cute American boys and being on national TV, I’m stuck at a book-signing event, listening to an author drone on about drug addiction. At least Napua got to stay to watch them, I’m happy someone got to enjoy them!

The only thing getting me through it is the thought of seeing Motion City Soundtrack and Set Your Goals tomorrow night at Irving Plaza. Thank goodness for Christmas money for show tickets!

Part of me was so tempted to just say ‘screw it’ and stay at 30 Rock for the taping but I would have gotten fired and I NEED this job to stay in America. Job = $ = life. It’s a vicious, vicious circle.


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