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will you remember this night, twenty years now lost?

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 08/11/2009

So Sunday 9th August marked a day that I always thought had a possibility of happening but it was more of a my-heart-wants-it-to-happen-but-my-head-knows-it-probably-never-will occurrence. It could happen, but the question was more if it would happen. What was so special about that Sunday in the middle of a New York summer?

It was the day that the Blink 182 Summer 09 reunion tour rolled into town. And when I say town, I mean town, since the concert was head out in Wantagh on Long Island, not in New York City itself. It really didn’t matter to me though, an hour plus train ride on the LIRR was nothing compared to the years I’d spent waiting for this day. Really, when it comes down to the cold hard facts, I’d been waiting since their ‘indefinite hiatus’ was announced at the beginning of 2005.

The line-up for the show was a pop-punk enthusiast’s dream come true, – Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy and Blink 182. Both the earlier acts could most certainly play to sell-out crowds without the help of Mark, Tom & Travis, but their addition to the bill made me smile involuntarily at the mere thought of seeing all three play the same stage within the span of a few hours. If this line-up had been announced in 2006 or 2007 I probably would have died on the spot. Luckily for me, I’d dropped Panic at the Disco from my ipod playlist just as easily as they dropped two of their founding members from the band just a few days before they played this show.

To say I was happy when Blink 182 took the stage that night would be an understatement. The fact that my memory of the night is one big hazy blissful blur of music shows exactly what kind of state I was in. It was a musical high, pure and simple. Seeing your favorite band play for almost two hours straight is great, but seeing your favorite band back together after they broke up and publicly feuded in the press is even better. It’s one of those moments that you remember for the rest of your life.

To make sure I kept track of the night I wrote down the setlist as they played each song (yes, I know that it’s a bit OCD but how else could I remember?):

  1. Dumpweed
  2. Feeling This
  3. Rock Show
  4. What’s My Age Again?
  5. Go
  6. Travis drum solo
  7. Violence
  8. Miss You (extended version)
  9. Stay Together for the Kids
  10. Down
  11. Always
  12. Stockholm Syndrome
  13. First Date
  14. Man Overboard
  15. Don’t Leave Me
  16. Not Now
  17. Adam’s Song
  18. All the Small Things
  19. Reckless Abandon
  20. Josie
  21. Anthem Pt.II


  1. Travis drum solo (the flying drum kit)
  2. Carousel
  3. Dammit

A few songs into the set Tom Delonge simply stated “Hi, we’re Blink 182, and we’re back”. Oh yes they are. Yes indeed.


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