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set your goals & motion city soundtrack at the fillmore NYC

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/23/2010

Motion City Soundtrack, Set Your Goals, This Providence & The Swellers 02/03/10

After the whole Jimmy Fallon debacle I did end up getting to see Motion City Soundtrack play the next night at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza, just a few blocks away from Union Square. I transferred my pent-up excitement from the night before and was extremely happy to know I was seeing two of my favourite bands that night.

The opening band was The Swellers from Michigan and because I thought that This Providence (a band I don’t really have any interest in) would be opening I missed half of The Swellers set before I realized my mistake. The couple of songs I did see were really impressive and the melodies, combined with the lead singer Nick Diener’s vocals reminded me of No Use For A Name. They definitely have that late 90s Fat Wreck sound. I felt guilty for missing most of their set so I hit up the merch table afterwards and bought their 2009 album Ups and Downsizing for only $10. Since my purchase, the cd has been on almost continual rotation on my stereo, – my favourite tracks so far are Fire Away, Sleeper and 2009.

As I mentioned before, I wasn’t very interested in watching This Providence but I decided to give them a go. Their flawlessly straightened bangs and tight pants were something that would have made me swoon a few years ago (but then again, back then wasn’t every band trying desperately to be the next Panic! at the Disco?) but hardly made an impression on me this time, apart from the fact it made me even more cynical toward their generic blend of pop/rock/indie/nothing special music. Apart from the singer of the band hailing from Australia, the most memorable thing I’ve heard about This Providence is the controversy surrounding one of their recent music videos.

If I was completely disinterested in This Providence, then I was completely, whole-heartedly passionate about the next band on the line-up. Bay Area hardcore kids Set Your Goals are a band I love and that I’ve written about on here before but this was the first time I’d seen them play in New York. I was also hoping that they might have Brooklyn band I Am the Avalanche vocalist Vinnie Caruana (another one of my music obsessions) make a guest appearance (he appears on the title track on their most recent album, This Will Be the Death of Us). From the second the band set foot on stage I was rapt and the smile never left my face. AND the third last song of the set was preceeded by the announcement they were going to have a little help from none other than Vinnie IATA! The show could have finished after SYG’s set and I would have gone home happy, that’s how much I love them.

SYG Setlist:
Gaia Bleeds
Goonies Never Say Die
Look Closer
The Fallen
Summer Jam
This Will Be the Death of Us (feat. Vinnie IATA)
To be Continued

Set Your Goals – Echoes

Set Your Goals – This Will Be the Death of Us feat. Vinnie Caruana IATA

After what seemed like an eternity between the sets, but in reality was less than twenty minutes, Motion City Soundtrack finally took to the stage and were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd. They straight away launched into Worker Bee, a song off the new album, My Dinosaur Life. Surprisingly, the second song of the set was the perennial favourite The Future Freaks Me Out. This song choice freaked me out a bit though since every time I’ve seen them in the past (and it’s been many many times) this song has always been close to the end or the encore song. I guess with the release of album #4 they want to mix things up a bit now. That being said, the most highly featured songs were from the last two albums, with just a smattering from I Am the Movie and Commit This to Memory. Even so, everyone in the crowd, myself included, lapped up everything MCS had to offer. I spent the entire set singing along, jumping up and down, and running up and down the different levels of the Filmore trying to get a better view before settling on a spot right in front of the soundbooth upstairs to enjoy the encore. As a special treat Justin Pierre brought out a Barbershop Dozen (not sure if this term technically exists but it was the same as a Barbershop Quartet except there were about 12 guys instead of 4) to perform an acapella version of Fell In Love Without You before the rest of the band came back out for the encore. They’ve sure come a long way since the first time I saw them when they supported MxPx at the UNSW Roundhouse back in 2005 and we shared gum and skittles together at the bar, but they’re still playing with the same enthusiasm and energy and that’s what I love about them.

Motion City Soundtrack Setlist:
Worker Bee
The Future Freaks Me Out
My Favorite Accident
Broken Heart
This is For Real
When You’re Around
Pulp Fiction
Last Night
A Life(less) Ordinary
Even If It Kills Me
Attractive Today
Perfect Teeth
Her Words Destroyed Me
Everything’s Alright

Motion City Soundtrack – A Life(less) Ordinary

Motion City Soundtrack – Everything’s Alright


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the things i remember, are they worth writing down?

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 02/03/2010

As I write this I’m missing Motion City Soundtrack perform on Jimmy Fallon. And I don’t just mean that I’m missing it on television, – I had tickets to the taping (I won them yesterday), and now I’m not there.

Stupid, stupid, stupid work! I tried my best, I came into work early so I could leave early, but because the taping time was different to what the NBC people told me over the phone yesterday, when Napua and I got there I realized I basically would have to just leave. Mega sadface. Plus, there were total babes there as well. Instead of being within feet of Justin Pierre (I won special ‘band bench’ tickets which meant that we would be as close to the band as any of the audience), surrounded by cute American boys and being on national TV, I’m stuck at a book-signing event, listening to an author drone on about drug addiction. At least Napua got to stay to watch them, I’m happy someone got to enjoy them!

The only thing getting me through it is the thought of seeing Motion City Soundtrack and Set Your Goals tomorrow night at Irving Plaza. Thank goodness for Christmas money for show tickets!

Part of me was so tempted to just say ‘screw it’ and stay at 30 Rock for the taping but I would have gotten fired and I NEED this job to stay in America. Job = $ = life. It’s a vicious, vicious circle.

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four year strong

Posted by livefastpartyhard on 07/18/2009

Chicago. What can I say? I was in you for less than 24 hours but it was a memorable time. Apart from harboring Jules and I for the night you also hosted Billy Joel & Elton John in concert at Wrigley Field. And lets not forget about the Gig Life tour featuring Set Your Goals and Four Year Strong.

Four Year Strong, just rocking out.

Due to the aforementioned Billy Joel & Elton John tour and the mass traffic jams it caused surrounding Wrigley Field we missed all the opening acts of Gig Life and made it to the venue just as SYG took the stage. FYS and SYG are two of my favorite bands and to me the only way to describe their music is ‘happy music’, – it just makes me smile and want to sing along to every word. Other people throw around descriptions such as ‘popcore’, ‘dancecore’, – I don’t care if you call it ‘post-hardcore emo synthcore’, it’s just good music.

Both bands played diverse sets covering their different releases, SYG has just released ‘This Will Be the Death of Us‘ and FYS are days away from the release of their covers album ‘Explains It All‘.

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